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Wow, in the fandom everybody knows each other. Even here, in Kraków, in Poland. I knew this, intellectually, before, but those last few months have proved I didn't understand it well enough. It sufficed we (Goff and I) started to read several new blogs, to frequent ninedin's course at the Uni, went out twice to meet some new people and there they were, all the missing links between us and people we knew. Yep, I've just discovered America, I feel pretty good about it :)
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Two weeks ago I swore to myself I won't be watching Teen Wolf. And I won't be reading fanfic. Weeelll, maybe the one by thehoyden.
Today I had 60 bookmarks on Pinboard. I won't tell of what. But I'd gladly kiss it.
Aaaaand we're done here.
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The Dresden Files: books 1-3, 5-13 (because of LucyZephyr and Rassaku: it's your fault!)
Martin: A Song of Ice and Fire (4 volumes) (HBO's fault)
Patricia Briggs: Mercy Thompson books 1-4 (please, why would you write such a horrible, horrible sex scene destroying all my good impressions about your writing, oh dear author?)
Laurell K. Hamilton: Anita Blake series, books 1-10 (I've read 9 books too much in this series. Why, oh God, why?!)
Pratchett: The Truth (finally in French: fantastic translation!)
Camilleri: a novella translated into French (I'll surely remember one day it's title... This is one fantastic author).
Tiptree, Your Faces, O My Sisters! Your Faces Filled of Light! and several others short-stories(oh. wow.)
On killing (Wow. Everyone should read this. Go go go)
The Eyre Affair by J. Fforde (interesting world-building!)

The Dresden Files
Generation Kill
X-Men First Class, X-Men
Thor and The Eagle (a little bit)
Sherlock BBC (continued)
Suits (a little bit)

New TV-Series:
Generation Kill (oh.wow)
Game of Thrones
Jeeves and Wooster (3rd season)
The Dresden Files (2. odcinki)

The Eagle
X-Men First Class


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